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Food - Dainichi Reef Veggie 100gm

Food - Dainichi Reef Veggie 100gm

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Dainichi Reef Veggie FX is a speciality formula for herbivores, REEF VEGGIE FX is enriched with Dunaliella algae (a marine algae rich in antioxidants, carotenoids and essential fatty acids), beta carotene and E. superba krill.

This unique formula contains all natural minerals, nutrients and pigments. With six applications of colour enhancers, REEF VEGGIE FX is intended to promote a spectacular level of colour while also ensuring a complete and balanced diet.

Outstanding nutrition for fish and invertebrates

Captivity? They’d Never Know It!

Although many Dainichi fish foods feature ourrevolutionary encapsulation process, in no other type of food is this as important.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of marine fish and invertebrates, an especially varied and finely tuned diet is required for them to thrive in captivity.

Fortifying the food with vitamins, enzymes, prebiotics and other heat-sensitive ingredients elevates our already nutritionally balanced diets to higher levels of potency, simply unattainable in traditional dry or frozen foods.

As a result, marine fish, crustaceans and many coral species flourish, just as they would in the wild. They exhibit vigour, colouration and longevity not often seen in captive marine life.

So whether you are maintaining the world’s largest public aquaria or the smallest nano reef, you can count on the excellence of Dainichi Marine Food to help you achieve the results you seek.

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